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Welcome to the future:

The Virtual Office World is here! Have you ever considered how a company can function as a Virtual Business? Can a company work as a conventional business office, be productive, and stay connected, while dramatically reducing company overhead? The answer is YES!
If you are in a high rent or lease district and you want to cut cost, or your employees are stressed by the daily commute, we have a solution.

Conventional Business Office Moving to and Thriving in a Virtual World

What we do:

We can provide you with an understanding of how we can help you take your company to the Virtual Office World. We will work with you to assess your current operations, and identify alternative cost saving approaches within your business structure. Regardless of company size, the transition to your virtual office will be unnoticed by most customers and vendors, as they will be unaware of your new mode of operations.

Converting to a Virtual Office will...

               Rent/lease payments 
               Telephone bills
               Utility bills
               Office supplies
               Time commuting 
               Environment (Less Emissions)

Other possible money savings include:

               Reduction of fuel/maintenance cost on company vehicles.
               Reduction of vehicle insurance premiums for company vehicles (less travel miles and less hours
               behind the wheel mean less risk).
               Potential to lower medical claims and lessen the number of employee sick days. 


Your company will have less expenses, higher productivity, and be able to expand or reduce workforce. There will be no changes in the function and current operations of your company.
Your company will also GO GREEN in today's green enviroment.  Employee moral will be boosted because your employees will be rejuvenated and excited about this new approach!
Virtual Office Differences: Please click on the Concept Overview TAB to get a real understanding of the differences between traditional virtual offices and our services. The various scenarios will give you an idea of what might work for you. 
Here is an overview...
Traditional:   Provides you with an office address for mail and correspondence, and a common receptionist. You will have access to a by appointment conference room and you can use a shared office for a fee.
Us: Now...Let's talk about how a real Small Business and or Corporation functions. Businesses have file servers, they host their own e-mail accounts, they have sensitive files on the network (not at a home) and intellectual property must be protected. Data is backed-up daily. The company has a phone system in which all employees have extensions, and most have multiple receptionists.
Difference: Overall, our Virtual Office Technology approach will allow your company to function as it does now, only reducing your expenses and saving tens of thousands of dollars.
Virtual Office Technology